History of the company

The product Gidrolica® is available from 2005 and used for construction and arrangement of objects in private, civil, industrial, sports construction. Gidrolica combines many years of experience and knowledge in the field of development, design and production of water removal’s systems, both foreign and domestic specialists.

2005 г.

Based production Gidrolica® and started producing first lines of channels from concrete and plastic class A15, B125, C250. Started production of grass grid for eco-parking.

2006 г.

Started production of concrete channels for heavy load class E600 DN100

2007 г.

Opened representative offices in Yekaterinburg. Expanded line of plastic channels. Started production of new polymer-sand channels.

2008 г.

Actively expanding dealer network in Russia and CIS countries. Network includes more than 300 dealers. Started production a line of drainage channels made of polymer concrete.

2009 г.

Expanded the range, started production of concrete channels DN150, 200, 300 for load classes up to E600.

2010 г.

Opened regional representative offices of the company Gidrolica in St. Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-don, and also in Byelorussia (Minsk), Ukraine (Kiev).

2011 г.

Opened regional representation in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Expanded the range of plastic, concrete, and polymer-concrete channels for the load class C250, D400, E600 with width from DN 100 to DN 400. Started production of concrete products – the product of the joint work by Russian company Gidrolica and Austrian holding GraspointerGmbH. It is more than 150 names of concrete channels produced by vibrocompression method.

2012 г.

Started production of professional antisplash entrance systems. Expanded dealer network, now we have more than 800 representatives of product Gidrolica ®. Opened representative offices Gidrolica in Europe: Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria

2013 г.

Opened regional representative offices of the company Gidrolica in Novosibirsk, Voronezh, Volgograd and Samara. Started production of plastic channels DN150, class C250, D400, E600.

2014 г.

Expanded line of BGM concrete troughs for extra-heavy loads F class c width of the hydraulic cross section of DN200, DN300, DN400, DN500. The company introduced the market concrete sand trap: single- and multi-sectional.

2015 г.

Improved quality indicators of concrete products.
Expanded range of BGZ-S concrete trays heavy duty class E c width of the hydraulic cross section DN500 Developed new heights trays DN150, DN200, DN300
The range "cottager" segment - the release of the plastic drain boxes 40x40cm, plastic street ramp - Gidrolica® Rain, designed to drain rainwater into the sewer system; Issue of plastic garden border