The Austrian Centre of foreign economic activity in Moscow together with Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Sport-Engineering" has organized a major conference on 16 April devoted to the construction and reconstruction of the Russian stadiums in preparation for the World Cup.

The event was attended by the representatives of Russian and Austrian companies which produce materials, equipment and carry out work, associated with the construction of sports facilities. From our company, the conference was attended by the General Director of the Russian-Austrian production of surface drainage systems Gidro BG and the General Director of the Trade house.

The event was very interesting. The meeting began with a welcome speech by representatives FSUE "Sport-Engineering", followed by the presentations and familiarity with the companies-participants of the conference. After lunch there was an excursion to the sports facility – “Spartak” Stadium, Moscow. Much time was devoted to informal communication among the participants, exchange of contacts, information about the products, innovations, know-how in the industry.

Our company presented its own development: the system of screwless connection for storm gratings with drainage channels, and drainage channel Sport, specifically for use on sports fields.

Our drainage systems has aroused the interest of the participants, new contacts have been formed with persons responsible for the construction. We would like to express our gratitude to organizers of the event! We hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation and active participation of our company in preparation for the World Cup.